Laura Wolcott Album
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1907-Laura-3 months (2)
1908-Grace4 Lemoine12 Laura 2
1909-Laura-dressed as a boy
1910-Laura-3 years A
1910-Laura-3 years B
1910-Laura-3 years C
1910-Laura-3 years D
1910-Laura-3 years E
1910s-Laura and Grace
1910s-Laura, Lemoine and Grace
1914s-Laura and Grace
1917 08 08-Grace 12 Lemoine19 Laura10
1920-Grace15 and Laura13
1920-Grace15 Florence Laura13
1922 07 05 Camp Fire Girls A
1922 07 05 Camp Fire Girls B
1924ish-Laura-in Cast
1925-Laura-High School Grad A
1925-Laura-HS Grad
1926ish Little Women
1926ish-Laura-Left Front
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